RPS420 DNA Reversing Parking Sensor Kit

Category: 12v Electrical

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Item discounted due to minor packaging damage and includes 4x sensors, product itself is in brand new condition.

Safety for you and your family is important. Previously reverse parking sensors were expensive safety feature in luxury vehicles. This kit offers quality sensors at an affordable price. 

The reverse parking sensor will become active when the vehicle is put into reverse. Inbuilt microprocessors and wireless scanners accuratley relays information to the LED digital display. Beeping alerts and the LED Display indicates the space between your vehicle and obstacle behind.

Kit includes: 
- Control box
- 4 x 20mm black diameter sensors (fully paintable to suit your car colour)
- Colour digital distance display with alert buzzer & on/off switch with adhesive pad
- supplied with 20mm hole saw/ and 
- installation instructions included. 

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