08501500070000 Aussie Traveller Window Awning 1400 X 700 Complete

Category: Awning

$346.06 $280.00
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- Retracts with simple hand motion
- Automatically locks when extended
- Available in black or white
- Projections of 40cm (shades windows up to 750mm high) and 70cm (shades windows up to 1000mm high) available
- Available in standard lengths or can be manufactured to exact specifications


- 100mm of flat wall space is required above the window for installation.
- Cassette is 68mm wide, so the vehicle width must be less than 2430mm.
- The 40cm projection will shade windows up to 75cm high
- The 70cm projection will shade windows up to 1m high  (this projection of awnings have a longer stainless steel D-slide)
- Awning does not completely cover the window and is not suitable as a privacy shield.

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